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"A brilliant Twitter innovation"
• Write longer tweets
• Retweet faithfullly - without chopping
• View directly in Twitter - no need for links
• Uses Unicode, which is fully supported by Twitter

Maxitweet has been updated...

You wanted more control over the appearance of your maxitweet. Now we've given it to you.

Starting with the barely perceptable Level One: it will save you just those few extra characters you sometimes need to say what you want to in a tweet. Your tweet makes sense, without abbreviation, and your followers hardly notice the difference.

Mild compression continues to about Level Five, where the maxitweet starts to look a bit more "colorful".

And so on, all the way up to the highest Level -Ten: quite frankly, at this level of compression your tweet looks like it has been through a blender. But the choices are yours ...

Feel free to use maxitweet as much as you like - for business, retweeting, information sharing and fun. Maxitweet is, and remains, a free service. Please tweet your comment to @maxitweet . You can also e-mail us: .

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